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Jidapa Thai Craft was founded in 2015 in Bangkok and has since made our way to becoming recognized as raw silk fabrics store through an online portal. Our store also has an extended plan on creating products in various forms such as bags, dresses, and other product lines in the near future.

Past, Present, and Future

Our Story

Our products


Handwoven Silk Shawl

High quality fabric thread and luster from Thailand.


Mudmee or Ikat

The technique of producing by "tie-dyed" or "tied threads". Not only silk is used to produce Mudmee fabrics but it also includes cotton as well.

The Queen of Thai Silk

The combination of Khid and Jok techniques are used as a special procedure of weaving Praewa Silk. It is an exclusive woven made by the Phu Thai community in the Northeast of Thailand.



Rather than serving Phasin, our store also provides silverware consisting of Thai Silver handbag and belt in one place to final touch our style.