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Crafts and Handwoven Fabrics

Jidapa Thaicraft Company Limited was established in Bangkok, Thailand in 2015 and has since established itself as the purveyor of premium handwoven textiles and crafts via an online portal.

Our store was initially inspired by our magical spellbinding for Thai textiles. After years of collecting, we decide to pursue our initial desire to provide high-quality textiles and support local artisans. The Company's goal is to popularize traditional Thai textiles (i.e., Praewa, Mudmee, and Kid Yok Dok); and pass on Thai textile knowledge to younger generations. We not only sell raw fabrics but also have a long-term plan to develop new product lines centred on Thai textiles in the near future.

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Mudmee textile (a.k.a. Ikat) refers to the technique of producing by "tie-dyed" or "tied threads".

Mudmee is traditionally made by tying straw, hay, or banana ropes in the desired pattern. The ropes prevent water from affecting the silk while dyeing them. The dye is only absorbed by the untied yarns. The method is repeated as many times as necessary depending on the desired color variations. Following that, each silk yarn is woven to produce a variety of designs by combining the colored areas to produce patterns.


Praewa is also known as the Queen of Thai Silk. The combination of Khid and Jok techniques is used as a special procedure for weaving Praewa Silk. It is an exclusive woven made by the Phu Thai community in the Northeast of Thailand.

In order to meet international demand, our brand collaborated with local artisans to create contemporary patterns and colour palettes.


Yok-Dok's weaving technique (also known as damask weaving) is a decorative design of etched patterns with either gold or silver threads.

Khid's weaving technique is done by a reel hook to pick up the warp yarns and then inserts a shuttle under them from one side to another side along the direction of the weft yarns to create a finely detailed pattern that can be seen from both front and back of the fabric.


Rather than serving raw textiles, our store offers silverware such as a silver handbag, earrings, and belts all in one place to complete our look. Historically, silver and gold accessories were worn with Thai traditional attire to demonstrate social status; however, Thais have continued to practice this practice to this day.


Jidaa, a subsidiary of Jidapa thaicraft Co., Ltd., promotes the elegance of handcrafted and botanically dyed fabrics by tailoring them into feminine silhouettes that provide the pivotal finishing touch to timeless impeccable looks.

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